Ollie’s Tail

Ollie is a 20 year old blue and white welsh collie. Ollie was taken to the vets years ago as a pup to be put to sleep after children antagonised him whilst he was hiding from fireworks, unfortunately he bit one of them! Luckily for us all, the nurse on duty felt sorry for the poor little pup and ‘kidnapped’ him, taking him to Butterstone kennels. Ollie stayed at the kennels for many years, rarely leaving his block until a young lad came to help out at the kennels. The lad’s parents had collies and when they heard of Ollie’s plight they took pity on him, deciding to visit him weekly and take him out.

This carried on for around a year until the kennels owner sadly died. Ollie’s future was yet again in doubt as many people thought he was not be suitable for rehoming. The lad’s parent’s worked tirelessly to teach Ollie to adapt to civilian life, and in August 2011 Ollie came home to Faversham to live with his brothers Joey, Gino and Harry.

Ollie embarked on a lucrative modelling career and started baking dog treats to raise funds for other less fortunate dogs. 7 years ago Ollie moved to Herne Bay and purchased the Barkery on the Bay.

In August 2014 Ollie embarked on his biggest venture and in true Ollie fashion his thoughts are with other animals needing loving homes.

Sadly Ollie passed to rainbow bridge in April 2020.

A true beacon of light to all rescue animals needing forever homes, Ollie is proof that no matter how long you may wait your forever family will find you!

Thank you for reading his tale.